I read an article this week by Scott Fellman, who is an author at Tannin Aquatics. The title of the article was, (Almost) Everything I Needed to Know about Life, I Learned from My Aquariums, which made me begin to think over the last few days about what I personally have learned from the art of aquarium keeping. After taking some thought into it, I came up with the top three ways that aquariums and life philosophies coincide. These main reasons are, Be Consistent, Be Knowledgeable, and Be Creative.

The first of the three listed above was the philosophy of being consistent. Most human beings love consistency in most areas in life. The majority of the human population keeps daily rituals so that they can have the perception of stability. Whenever keeping an aquarium, it is immensely important to be consistent in almost every aspect of the hobby. You need to be consistently doing water changes, cleaning dead or old debris and consistently feeding. This is one of the more applicable of the three main reasons fish keeping has helped me in life. Be consistent in your work environment; Your boss will 9/10 promote a worker that is consistent in their work ethic than someone who is constantly three steps forward, and five steps back. You should also consistent with your family, they need your stability in their life whenever they have the feeling that there is none present. These are just a couple of ways that being consistent can lead to happiness and success.

The next fish philosophy is to Be Knowledgeable. My grandfather just recently passed about two months ago. It was a huge blow to my sister and I because we were raised fatherless. This put our grandfather as the only male leader figure in our lives. I loved him and respected him very much. One of the biggest things he taught me was to be knowledgeable on the things that you love. For him, it was fixing cars and metal working. Whenever speaking to this old mechanic located in the middle of nowhere Amish country in Illinois, you would often times think you may have been speaking with a physics professor. My grandfather loved what he did, and he put his time and effort into learning about his passions. The same goes for aquarium keeping, be knowledgeable on wildlife, your fish, the environment, plants and other areas of the hobby.

The last philosophy that I have taken away from aquarium keeping is to be creative. While the main object of aquarium keeping is the health of the fish, it is also creating miniature environment in your own house. So be creative; in whatever way that looks. I personally hate cheap ceramic decorations, but if you do, GO FOR IT. Do and set up what you like! Be creative in how you set up aquariums and keep them.

                Thank you all for stopping by! – Waylon